Approximately 20% of youth report being bullied; that’s millions of youths across the country each year. Research shows that the results of bullying have serious lasting effects and prevention can improve the physical and mental health, safety, and well-being of children and their families. A large federal agency contracted Red Carrot to provide technical and professional services for an integrated marketing, education, and information dissemination campaign to support the public awareness of



Red Carrot introduced a clean, bold, and modern aesthetic for campaigns. We designed graphics around photography that featured diverse youth who were representative of the country. We utilized our social media content calendar development process to create content would encourage traffic to our client’s website. All digital content is designed to be Section 508 compliant. We developed a marketing plan that contained measurable objectives, audience information, testing plans, strategy development, tactics, an evaluation plan, timetables, and a work plan.

Red Carrot sets monthly and quarterly goals for social media campaigns and analyzes previous campaign activity to determine achievable and measurable goals for future content. Since Red Carrot took over the Stopbullying eBlasts, we have more than doubled the average open rate for electronic newsletters by optimizing publication times and using shorter, more engaging email subjects.