As an organization responsible for disseminating health information to the public, our client contracted Red Carrot to enhance their internal and external communications with consumers, patients, stakeholders, and the press.


Red Carrot’s goal was to enhance the usability and functionality of our client’s presentation of health information.

To begin, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client’s current practices for tracking and analyzing communications data. Next, we assessed the communications processes that were in place through focus groups, informational interviews, and report analyses. Our team invited employees from different roles and organizations, eight centers in total, to participate in this assessment. We began with the creation of an informational guide that consisted of questions regarding communications, management, and online presence to better evaluate our client’s distribution of health information.

Our in-depth research explored current communications practices and data sources used for monitoring communications performance. With this data, we provided our client with an understanding of external stakeholders’ behaviors, preferences, and needs when seeking information. Red Carrot determined the barriers or deterrents of the current narrative, identifying redundancies, synergies, and opportunities for building efficiencies.

We conducted an audit of the full communication streams portfolio, extant data collection strategies, analytical methods, and mechanisms for leveraging analytics. In addition, Red Carrot thoroughly undertook market research of relevant high impact communicators with similar portfolios, evaluating federal and nonfederal organizations and agencies.