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Project & Administrative Support


A government agency that provides leadership to the national public health community to prepare for and respond to urgent health threats contracted Red Carrot with administering support for day-to-day functions in communications planning, meeting coordination, communication product development, and health communication services.


Through collaboration with the Communications Office, our team implemented meeting management support and developed meeting agendas, presentation slides, and meeting minutes. Our team identified presenters, and collected follow-up surveys from events. The Red Carrot team also managed newsletters, emails, and templates for notification to staff.

To ensure 508-compliance, Red Carrot inspected each document thoroughly and reformatted for logical reading order, specified text language, tagged page content, form fields with descriptions, figures with alternate text, and tables with headers. All 508 checks were submitted to the compliance department for final approval before being posted to the intranet.

Our team analyzed the current communication request process and, after listening to staff about their unmet needs with the current system, built an interactive communication request tracking system in its place.

“Red Carrot’s tool not only allowed for quick snapshots of monthly, quarterly, and annual accomplishments, but also acted as a useful tool for benchmarking progress and maintaining records of all requests and their outcomes that were easily accessible for staff members.” – Federal Government Customer