A federal government agency with a formidable public mandate wanted to improve operational efficiency at every level of the organization.


Red Carrot set out to determine the status of the program, develop next steps, and implement our recommendations through business reengineering, process improvement, and workload analysis.

To begin, we reviewed all relevant documents, analyses, and work products which allowed us to determine the critical activities, statuses, and next steps. We then developed a presentation for executive review documenting the project timeline from inception to current status. Once approved, we were able to proceed with the plans outlined in the work product and presentation.

Next, we reorganized the field support organization. This entailed developing an action plan to understand the tasks and responsibilities across the organization and incorporate the needs of management. We developed an interview plan to determine tasks, processes, estimated workload, and areas of concern. We captured the interviews anonymously to ensure that the staff felt comfortable participating fully.

From this data, we consolidated each group’s interview and presented our findings to the group for buy in. We then consolidated that information into several organizational options and detailed the benefits and downsides of each. This led to the final recommended structure and organization.