The client wanted to launch a podcast that featured conversations with the nation’s leading fire and emergency medical services (EMS) experts. The agency’s goal was to find a new way to reach listeners with information and messaging to help reduce fire and life safety risks in communities. The agency needed a partner who could help them develop, produce, and launch a year’s worth of monthly podcast episodes from scratch. They also needed support with narrative structure, podcast format, graphic design, music selection, hosting, podcast production, post-production, and project management.


Red Carrot developed a comprehensive master guide to developing all aspects of the podcast. Red Carrot worked with the agency to design and confirm all creative elements of the podcast, the format, and the narrative structure for episodes. Due to COVID-19 protocols, some interviews had to be conducted remotely; Red Carrot included best practices and recording guides for both at-home and in-studio interviews. Red Carrot also created a master production and post-production schedule for all 12 episodes which included deadlines for script approval, confirmation of guests, and two rounds of revisions for the audio of each episode. Red Carrot will continue to use the master guide we developed to create a “How To” manual and webinar to train the agency’s staff on how to plan, record, edit, and produce future episodes of the podcast.