The agency wanted to produce a digital animated video to use as educational resources to promote awareness of the ARGOS System among audiences of fourth through seventh grade students.


Using key data points provided by the client, Red Carrot developed an engaging video production perfect for young people. Our character (a nonbinary personification of the ARGOS 4 Satellite) enthusiastically tells the audience about their mission and responsibilities in space. Staying true to the scientific research and to the client’s mission, we produced a video that is engaging and exciting to a school-aged audience. Red Carrot also designed a promotional sticker based on the ARGOS character. The video and sticker will serve as educational resources at events and in classrooms.

“You guys met and exceeded our expectations. Your attention to detail and schedule helped the project move forward and reach our goals.  We especially enjoyed the tool you use to review the videos.  That was a great tool and really helped the process.  We haven’t had the opportunity to provide input like that before and it really helped with collaboration. I hope we can work on future projects together! I will definitely keep you guys in mind when we need to create another project!”

Kimberly E., NOAA