Video Production


To educate and excite children about an upcoming satellite launch, Red Carrot was tasked to produce an animated video that would appeal to fourth through seventh-grade students.


Red Carrot started by designing a character version of the ARGOS 4 Satellite.  We created a script that included the specific details about the animals tracked by ARGOS 4 and their migration patterns. We made these scientific details more appealing to younger audiences by having them enthusiastically narrated by the ARGOS 4 character who emphasized how “cool” their job is in space. The animated video also featured live footage,  that we thought would be most appealing to kids: volcanoes, sea animals, and an arctic fox. As a result, our ARGOS video was awarded the Hermes Award.

“You guys met and exceeded our expectations. Your attention to detail and schedule helped the project move forward and reach our goals.  We especially enjoyed the tool you use to review the videos.  That was a great tool and really helped the process.  We haven’t had the opportunity to provide input like that before and it really helped with collaboration. I hope we can work on future projects together! I will definitely keep you guys in mind when we need to create another project!”Kimberly E.