The agency was looking for event support they could count on, particularly for high profile and large-scale events.


Red Carrot provides reliable logistics support for a variety of meetings, events and conferences. We support both internal and external events. Our events services include managing venue requirements, signage, invitations and attendance, along with identifying and managing inventory of resources and outreach materials.

We also assist with coordinating exhibit design, technology, and management with designated vendors and partners. By working closely with the agency, we provide guidance on the most efficient and effective options for specific event needs including regulation compliance (e.g.508 compliance). In addition, we support our client by coordinating domestic travel arrangements, managing event expenses and transporting various equipment for onsite events and exhibits. We also oversee planning and logistics for virtual platforms and environments.

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, the agency hosted a press conference to reveal the black hole image, Sagittarius A* taken by the EHT (Event Horizon Telescope) which is funded by the agency.

At the event, scientists described how they compiled the black hole image from observations taken from multiple telescopes across the globe. After the press conference we, Red Carrot conducted a public forum where other scientists spoke about the discovery and answered questions from the audience in person and online. We then wrapped up the event with individual interviews from the scientists. In addition:  Red Carrot consulted with and made suggestions to the client on stage setup including panels, pipe and drape options and pop-up banners to be displayed.

Red Carrot assisted with building a mock stage to gain an accurate representation of how things would look on the day of the event since we could not set up the night before. We acted as the POC for changes, corrections, updates and any other information that was needed from the vendor or the agency’s staff. We were responsible for getting approval of the contract from leadership and delivering payment to the vendor. Red Carrot ensured setup for individual virtual interviews during the event. We also assisted with the breakdown of the pop-up banners and all materials that were taken to the event and transported them back to headquarters.